Sneak and Zoom, and the Legend of the Sleep Dragon (preview)

19 Dec

Sneak can creep and knock down trash
Zoom can fly; quick as a flash.
Sneak can’t read, but he’ll shred some books. 
Zoom can’t run, but he’ll swim in brooks.

Sneak and Zoom; Zoom and Sneak,
One will fly, and the other will creep.
Zoom likes his fish; his favorite food,
Sneak prefers trash to better his mood.

Zoom and Sneak; Sneak and Zoom,
One sleeps at night, and the other near noon.
Sneak likes all foods; anything will do.
Zoom prefers sushi and some lettuce too. 

Zoom likes to eat bread and an occasional fig  
Sneak can use his hands to grab objects and dig.
Zoom can’t grab, but he’ll waddle and quack
Sneak can’t quack, but he’ll always find snacks